Drug and Alcohol testing

TECHNOPRT USA with longstanding experience in shipping business, we are fully aware of the industry practices & the requirements of the OCIMF guidelines, Rightship for D&A compliance onboard ships, the U.S. DOT, CFR Title 49, Vol I, Part 40 & the ILO / WHO Guiding.


We provide on board D&A testing procedures, with respect to unannounced D&A / Seafarer (benzene & phenol) testing, by arranging for such visits to your vessels in a timely manner in close co-ordination with the company in most of the ports of the world. All tests are conducted by certified, WHO, DOT approved drug testing laboratories in USA and Overseas.


The urine samples rapid screening/ testing on board and rapids confidential results are provided and later tested by USA Laboratory for verification.


Drug and alcohol testing services are provided and supplies:

  • Post and Random Drug Testing.
  • D.O.T. post-accident.
  • Serious Marine Incident (SMI) drug and Alcohol testing on board.
  • Drug testing supplies.
  • Alcohol testing supplies.